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Adelia neighborhood development logo

The Trifecta: 3 Thoughts for a Successful Logo


So, you’ve started a new business and you’re having your first strategy sesh. The first words that are most likely to come out of your mouth are, “we need a logo.” This is the moment that visions of branding grandeur enter your thoughts. You can see your logo on business cards, a website, ads, hats, banners, social media, and really inexpensive Yeti knock offs. Well, don’t get too far ahead of yourself, there’s lots of work to do.

1. Reflect the Brand

The purpose of creating a great logo is simple; it needs to tell your consumer who you are. It needs to be memorable, professional, and recognizable. It needs to reflect your company’s brand and must stand tall amongst your competition. Your logo needs to reinforce the message your brand foundation is built upon.

Adelia logo for Baton Rouge neighborhood development.

2. The Beauty is in the Details

We recently completed a logo for Adelia, a new neighborhood development in a historic area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We worked closely with our client so we could truly highlight the spirit of the project. The design of the logo was based off of thoughtful consideration to the area’s story. The lines and textures of the logo were inspired from the details of the original home’s architecture that still stands in the center of the property. The logo turned out to be a modern, timeless design, that captures everything the Adelia brand represents.

3. Make it Yours

When you’re ready to start exploring a logo design for your business, take careful consideration into the thought behind the process. This is your logo, the symbol that represents your brand and your purpose. Your marketing will depend heavily upon this logo, one way or another. And remember it must always look good on a knockoff Yeti tumbler.

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