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Facebook logo on Mario Brothers' style flag.

A Winning Game Strategy for Social Media.


What makes some social media accounts more successful than others? It may come down to how well they are playing the social media game. What’s the social media game, you may ask? Well, it’s simple. Facebook is designed on a system that functions like a video game. In fact, the majority of social network sites function in a similar manner just not as complex or with as many opportunities to level up your social networking power.

Mario Brothers' style graphic with Facebook flag.

Powering up starts with learning basic social media practices. Here’s an example of how this works. When you sign up for a business page on Facebook you must acquire 20 likes before you get a username. A username grants your page the power of being tagged. Tagging helps others connect and find your business as well as helping to optimize your reach and potential to discover new followers.

Ok, so why does it matter to Facebook or any other social media site how well you are playing their networking game? Because if they see you investing in their business they in return will invest in yours. It’s a basic B2B exchange of services with the aim of developing a long-term business partnership.

Let’s take your social media gamer skills from good to great. Here are 4 pro-gamer tips to help you develop and improve your B2B game strategy!

  1. Show Up to Play — Check in daily, at least once a day login into each of your social media accounts. See what’s happening. Has anyone tagged you, liked your page, left comments, shared your posts, are there posts or articles in your business feed you want to share?

  2. Play as a Team — Being a team player means engaging with others on Facebook. Like comments, reply back, respond to messages. Leave your own comments, likes and share posts & articles from pages that reflect your business relationships and business’s values.

  3. Likes Are Your Greatest Power — The activity you are putting into your account means a lot to how well you are playing the game. One really simple way to show you are invested in your social media sites is to invite people to like your page. Check posts, those who have liked it may have not yet liked your page they may still be considered a follower. Send out invites every day and you’ll see your social media game moving to the next level!

  4. Listen to the Gamemaster — Social Media sites are going to let you know how well you are doing. And if they see room for improvement, they are going to give you tips on how to get to increase your powers to get to the next level. Listening and acting on their tips will be a guarantee for success!

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