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STUN Design creates gorgeous, stopping-power business cards

Are Business Cards Still Good for Business?


Paper is rapidly turning into pixels. Magazines, newspapers, greeting cards are all showing up as digital reincarnations of their pulpy selves. Ten years ago logos and business cards were high on the list of services we provided to clients who were starting their own businesses. Today, it’s relatively low. Websites take precedence, and when logos and business cards are discussed, the attention and budget they deserve are knocked down to the bottom of the list.

STUN Design created these stopping power Business Cards

Today I’m here to tell you that if you had to choose any tool from your arsenal of marketing materials a great business card should be high on your list. And I’m not talking about an OK business card, I’m talking great. Thick, double sided, varnished, die cut, embossed, foil stamped, engraved, gorgeous paper stock are a few of the words that should be associated with your business card.

Why have a nice card? What’s the point of spending fifty cents to two dollars per card and up? Well let me tell you. A nice business card will have stopping power. When you hand that card to someone it will grab their attention. It may be the only chance you have to pitch that person or explain what you do. When your business card has texture, bright colors or feels silky smooth I promise that the person you handed it to will stop and ask you about it.

Your business card will be your business development partner. A great business card will serve as a lasting impression. You will be remembered just from having your card made of metal or cut in the shape of a rocket. This small, simple little tool will increase your traction in your business interactions.

So is a business card good for business? Definitely. You need a great business card, not a good one. One that you want to hand out so bad you can’t wait to hit the streets with it. One that you love so much that you will apologize then gush about it when you go to grab one and realize you’re all out. Do yourself and your business a favor and really look at your business card and decide if it’s everything that it should be.

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