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Drink on a table at Drink and Draw in Baton Rouge

Drink and Draw: Stunners in the Creative Community


Things Stunners do well: drinking and drawing. For the last two years STUN designers Ashley and Camille have been active participants in Drink and Draw Baton Rouge. Haven’t heard of it? Drink and Draw is a monthly gathering of art enthusiasts who come together for inspiration, motivation, and community.

STUN Design staff at Drink and Draw in Baton Rouge.

“In a way, it kind of feels like the arts and crafts table in Kindergarten. Everyone gets to draw whatever they want, however they want, without judgment,” says Camille.

Seeking connections to the art & design world while getting their creative juices flowing, both designers started attending the event. Now, after a year, both have become a part of the regular group. In the last year, Camille has taken on the role of assistant coordinator under friend and coordinator, Monica, while Ashley has contributed several promotional graphics to help promote the group.

Both feel that Drink and Draw have brought a lot to the creative community of Baton Rouge over the last couple of years.

“I feel like it’s common for artists to feel isolated whether it’s because they do freelance work from home or don’t have particularly creative day jobs,” says Ashley. Hobbyist artists can find it intimidating to attend art-related events because many people are self-conscious about their skills. I think Drink and Draw is great because it’s for people of all skill levels to just come, hang out in a casual, no-pressure setting. You can have a good conversation with a welcoming group of people and get motivated to create something!”

Camille emphasizes that Drink and Draw creates a great informal way for creatives to network within Baton Rouge. Camille says, “It’s a great event, and I can’t wait to see how much we can push Drink & Draw to make a better impact.” Drink and Draw provides the creativity and community that help keep Stunners inspired. STUN is excited to see our young creatives getting involved in the BR creative community.

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