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Fourth of July Graphic

How Do Stunners Define Success?


STUN Design‘s team works together to foster new skill sets and perspectives that benefit the work we create for our clients. The importance of our work culture is to challenge one another creatively. Creativity in the workplace has benefits beyond employee engagement; it develops critical thinking skills, enhances productivity and allows Stunners to challenge themselves. Creativity is how Stunners define success.

Animated Fourth of July Graphic with Popsicle

Camille Kingston is a Junior Graphic Designer at STUN Design. Camille began working at STUN in May 2018. She graduated from LSU with a degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design two years ago and is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Over the course of the last year, Camille has been challenging herself to learn the various animation processes and perfecting the flow of the movements to create original animated gifs. With tutorials and a lot of patience, she was able to create the graphic she had imagined. Camille defined the success of animated gifs with her 2018 4th of July animation. Her favorite part of the project was seeing her coworkers reactions as they watched the popsicle transform into a rocket and fly away. “I had only been working at STUN for about a month at the time, and I felt like this was my first ‘success’,” Camille says. Camille chose this project because of the challenges it presented her and the work to overcome those obstacles. Instead of simply creating a stagnant image, she decided to take it one step further and learn to animate.

So how do animated gifs work? First, the elements are illustrated, then laid out to create a still image that is animated using photoshop. Photoshop animations work like a stop-motion film, so each of the frames of animation is a different image. “I also had to keep in mind making each of the images interesting and dynamic,” Camille says. Her favorite part of the animation process involved figuring out how to make each element move so that the animation became both seamless and cohesive.

Animated videos and visual graphics are key to social media marketing. A shift toward visual content, particularly videos, has helped make social media more engaging for audiences. Animation helps attract and keep the attention of viewers more so than traditional content. It resonates with viewers, sparks conversation, and garners a more loyal following. Not only is animation more engaging, but it also simplifies topics and brings concepts to life that other media is unable to do. With Camille’s animated gif, it took STUN Design’s social media holiday posts to the next level.

“Being able to imagine things dynamically has translated into other project areas as well,” Camille says, “The project was fun and a little bit goofy, like me.” This project has also inspired her to continue to grow her skills to create more in-depth animations. She has now created animated projects for STUN social media as well as for several STUN clients. This is how Stunners define success. How do you?

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