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Meet Our Newest Stunner, Lauren Lambert-Tompkins


For the last seven years, Lauren has owned her own business, mostly working with non-profits to develop their funding, brands and position in the community. As a business owner, she has had to hustle to build client relations, and as a representative of various non-profits, she has kept those organizations thriving.

Adelia logo for Baton Rouge neighborhood development.

“Simply having a conversation with people has always been my favorite part of any job, and now it’s the focus of my position. I don’t think people talk to one another enough- it’s important to slow down and get to know the people and companies around you.”

A self-described volunteer junkie, Lauren serves on several boards for a variety of community organizations. “I love working to better my community, and I love event planning, so expect STUN to be a major part of the Mid City event scene!”

Working in a creative office with a talented staff is an exciting opportunity for Lauren. Growing up in Baton Rouge, she never thought she would find herself raising her own family here. But, because of an evolving community vibe, she fell in love with her hometown after being away for a while. “People want Baton Rouge to grow and prosper, and they’re willing to put in the work to make it happen. Helping all of our local clients develop and maintain a polished and thoughtful identity is an important piece of the Baton Rouge progress puzzle.”

In life outside of STUN, Lauren loves going to the ballet and concerts. While traveling is at the top of her list, she also enjoys exploring her own city. The best kept secret in the Red Stick, in Lauren’s opinion, is the art scene, both performance and visual. “We have incredible talent in this city.” Accompanying her on her adventures to community events, parks, and museums is her husband, Zach, and son, Geo. And, like any American in her 30s, she can’t get enough true crime podcasts! #SSDGM

STUN is excited to have Lauren as part of our team!

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