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Practical Design: No Fun, but Necessary


The fundamental idea of design is to plan, but as designers we love making beautiful things. Fancy business cards, elaborate invitations, slick brochures, and magnificent, feature-filled websites, are always on our minds. As designers/marketers we must always consider the practicality of providing our clients with over bedazzled work. Whenever we start a new project we must consider several things before we start dreaming of ornate features and accoutrements.

STUN Design does beautiful and practical design

Money, Money, Money

Budget is always a deciding factor when starting a new project. Fancy paper is expensive, foil stamping will add a few bucks, embossing can break the bank and many, many other design add-ons can push the budget over the edge. We always keep in mind what our client’s budget is so that we understand that this can’’t be the piece de resistance of the company’s marketing arsenal.

Focus on the Target and Make it Work

Knowing the target audience the client is trying to reach is the first consideration before pen hits paper. The demographic we are targeting may respond to “simple” vs “complex.” That being said, we base the design to target that specific demographic. Creating an overly complex, flashy piece may send the wrong message and the piece never gets a chance to accomplish what it’s supposed to do.

Gather the Old and Integrate the New

Most companies already have existing materials and if there are pieces that are still being used that we didn’t design we must account for them. Taking an inventory of what is still in circulation with the marketing department is important when creating new materials. We want to avoid creating something so cool and unique that it separates itself from pieces that are still being used.

As a creative it’s hard to think practically, but as a marketer we must. The bottom line is that we must ask ourselves is if it’s going to work for what we are trying to accomplish and who we are trying to reach: your potential customers.

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