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STUN Design offer Instagram tips for Business Engagement

Quick Tricks on Optimizing Your Business’s Instagram Account


With over 400 million active monthly users on Instagram you are bound to find people within your business’s target audience. Finding and engaging this particular audience can help boost your business’s reach and profit. As fun as Instagram is, optimizing your business’s account can feel like walking into the den of a hungry lion (scary, very scary). Here are 4 easy steps to getting your business’s instagram account ready to rumble.

STUN Design offer Instagram tips for Business Engagement

1. Start With The Basics

First things first. Set up your IG profile page with all the necessary information. Pick an engaging profile photo. This could be the business logo or another photo you feel draws people in and identifies your business. Next, make sure to write a brief, but informative, bio about what your business does. Last, but not least, make sure to include your website URL or facebook page so that you can attract people to your site or other social platforms.

2. Find Your Audience

Once you’ve got your profile set up it’s time to start finding your audience. Search for popular hashtags that are relevant to your business and use those in your future posts. You can find some of the top used hashtags at this site. Use the search tool in Instagram to find other trending posts. This can help guide what you post day to day. Most important, follow other businesses! This can be locally or abroad. This will help you to find specific users, hashtags, or trends you were unaware of.

3. Post it Up

Constructing a great IG post takes thought and hashtag finesse. Keep your captions brief. In today’s world our attention spans have become short and ever-changing. Make sure to get straight to the point but keep it fun. Use @mentions as much as you can. This can help your post engagement by up to 56% and creates a community around your IG profile. This also allows users following whoever you mention to discover you. Hashtag it up! They’re a great search and find tool and they’re super fun.

4. Get Involved

One of the most important things you can do is to get involved with your IG community. Follow other businesses, comment, like, and repost (there’s an app for that). The more you involve yourself the farther your reach can get. Don’t forget to stay active and keep the double taps coming.

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