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STUN Design makes great logos

Great Logos Take Work


I’m sure you know every business needs a logo, but do you know just how important having a great logo is? Great logo design takes time, research, concept, and tons of thought. It could be the difference between a consumer choosing you or your competitor. So what are some of the things a great logo should accomplish for your business?

STUN Design makes great logos

This is Who We Are and This is What We Do

The purpose of a great logo is simple; it needs to tell your consumer who you are. A logo needs to be memorable, professional, and recognizable. The logo is usually the first thing people see when they approach your business. It should be clear, reflect the services your business provides and speaks to your target audience.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

A great logo reflects your company’s brand. Your marketing materials ultimately depend on this logo, one way or another. It will be seen on your website, business cards, shirts, e-blasts, white papers, koozies and every other piece of collateral your company has. The “feeling” a logo gives should be appropriate to the business, and the fonts, colors, and layout all play important roles in what the logo is trying to accomplish.

The Tall Guy in the Crowd

A logo can set you apart from your competition. It needs to stand out by conveying the message your brand is based upon. Large corporations like Nike, Fedex, Target, and Apple all have strong, eye catching logos. Small business logos can do the same. You want people to notice and remember you, and having a great logo can help do just that.

In the Wild

One of the best parts about owning a great logo is seeing it in action. When you notice your logo on billboards, magazines, sponsorship banners and anywhere else you’ve placed it and you experience a proud feeling, you know that you can stand tall and say, “that’s MY logo.”

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