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STUN Zephyr Coffee Print Ad

The Concept is Your Foundation


The start of a project can be the most difficult and time consuming phase. We need to plan, brainstorm, sketch, research, and meet before we even start to click the mouse. Establishing a concept will keep us on task and make the process move smoothly.

Establish a Concept.

A Concept is the idea to base an entire plan off of. It’s the organizing factor that will keep us focused on the task at hand. Anytime we sense a deviation we can always go back to the concept to get us back on track and redefine the purpose of why we started down this path. It’s a lot like a mini mission statement for the project.

Zephyr Coffee came to us looking for some help with a one-off print advertisement. They wanted to celebrate being in business for over 10 years, and looking forward to many more. In addition, they wanted to thank their customers and suppliers. Our unifying concept was to show their 10 year-old business as a fun progression of time.

A fun, cool brand like Zephyr Coffee conveys positive energy, i.e., coffee! We wanted to convey this in the ad. We explored using timelines, flowcharts, and even word clouds before deciding to use the coffee cup as a volume knob that is cranked up to 11(inspiration).

STUN Design Zephyr Coffee Ad

We designed several mock-ups and found one that stuck. Zephyr was pleased with the initial designs so we narrowed down the choices and completed the ad.


Always remember to ask “What is the concept?” A strong concept will lead to a stronger, more effective solution. It will provide you with the fuel to create strong, eye catching visuals to get your audience to stop, look, and retain what you’re serving them. Establishing and sticking with a concept is not just a smart idea it’s the best idea.

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