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3 Ways YouTube Can Grow Your Business


Video is the most-consumed content on the web. The stellar growth of video services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime means that video is here to stay and it’s going to grow even more.

STUN Design advises YouTube for your website video needs

Now you and your marketing team have realized that some of your services or products can be effectively promoted with the use of video. So what’s the best way to put a video on your website? You guessed it, YouTube. YouTube is hands down the best way to add videos to your website and here are three reasons why.

1. Google Owns YouTube

Every time someone watches a video on your website Google knows about it. This helps your Google ranking. Along with proper usage of microdata, good code practices, and a regularly-updated blog, you’re well on your way to being listed higher in search engine results.

2. YouTube has a Great Video Support

You don’t have to worry about the crazy “IT” concerns that come with managing video infrastructure. This great video support means that people will be able to watch your video anywhere using almost any kind of device, even on their smartphones in the mall.

3. You Reach a Larger Audience

YouTube is a global website that reaches everyone. This large audience means that you get another way to attract people to your website. They liked your videos and now they want to reach out to you, so they visit your website and engage with you.

Want Some Help Starting?

First, create a YouTube account for your organization. It’s free and easy to do and you’ll also get a Gmail account in the process. Make sure to thoroughly and accurately fill out the survey about your organization. This information is used to help your audience find your videos. The only thing left to do is point, shoot, and post!

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